This style-guide goes over how this wiki is structured, where your contribution fits in this sites hierarchy, and some general writing guidelines.

What is the goal of STEM Wiki?Edit

The goal of STEM wiki is to provide a place for people from the STEM fields to share their knowledge that may not fit the criteria of what a wikipedia article would look like. There are many examples of wiki articles that could be written to help students in their studies that would not fit wikipedia's criteria. The STEM wiki is of course a wiki, but it is also a good place to discuss things related to what it is you are studying and what projects you are working on. One of the major goals of STEM wiki would be to provide a place where different fields within the STEM field would be able to talk and form groups together.

Articles for Specific Classes are AllowedEdit

Having a wiki for a specific class is something that could be of benefit the students in this class. One way that I have seen it done is through the university's blackboard site. I dislike this this way of doing things, because I feel that it severely limits the potential of this collaboration. For one, I do not feel like it truly counts as a wiki because of how it is limited to the class and is actually completely controlled by the professor. The information shared does not get passed on from year to year, which is also a shame. There is a lot of information that will be shared that may be specific to that class and have little relevance to outsiders, but there will also be plenty of information that is more generalized or can easily be generalized in a way that makes it useful to others.