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Overview of the CourseEdit

The text used for this course is Journey Through Genius by William Dunham. [1]

Summary of TextbookEdit

Hippocrates' Quadrature of the LuneEdit

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Key TermsEdit

Great TheoremsEdit

All of the great theorems in the main textbook used for this course.

The Quadrature of the LuneEdit

Hippocrates argument rested upon three preliminary results:

  • The Pythagorean theorem
  • An angle inscribed in a semicircle is right.
  • The areas of two circles or semicircles are to each other as the squares on their diameters.

\[\frac{\text{Area (semicircle 1)}}{\text{Area (semicircle 2)}}=\frac{d^2}{D^2}\]


15,000-10,000 BCEdit

  • Agricultural Revolution

2,000 BCEdit



  1. Journey Through Genius